The way to Shave (With a Cut Throat Razor)

So I’ve had my straight edge – or cut-throat – razor for buy a safety razor over a calendar year now and I would want to share what I have learnt.

I bought my very first straight edge razor simply because it appeared like a great idea. In addition I’ve generally appreciated that scene in “A fistful of dollars” where Clint is acquiring a shave and shots all of the baddies. Mainly I desired to be Clint Eastwood. With no orang-utan.

The shaving field is centered on obtaining adult males to implement over priced, multi-bladed disposable plastic products in addition to a bewildering array of chemical sludges (study the components next time you shave) for a little something that needs to be about:

Cleaning soap, Water, Sharp Matter.

This can be mostly directed at my different brothers who I have given slice throats to for birthdays.


Have a excellent, sharp razor. Ensure the blade is free of nicks and is particularly sharp. If the blade has any nicks or rust to the edge, bin it.
Own a proper shaving brush and shaving product. Will not acquire everything that resembles squirty cheese in the can. Really aside from the reality that is takes advantage of silly quantities of non-recoverable resources to produce the chemical slime a large number of men seem pleased to smear on their faces, it doesn’t perform really well. Shaving foam needs to be of sufficient thickness, and wishes being labored into your beard which has a fantastic brush as a way to pack about the bristles to create them jump out completely ready for your chop! Squirty Gillette person power foam is not going to do it. Recall Beckham includes a lackey to shave him.
Leather strop – and understand how to utilize it. Right before shaving the razor needs to be stropped. Pull the strop tight. Place the blade flat from the bottom on the strop and drag it diagonally up (while using the blade edge trailing), devoid of pushing right down to difficult. Within the top in the strop, flip the blade and drag down from the identical way. Repeat about twelve periods.


Very best to shave after a shower or tub, being a very good soaking softens the beard.
Soaked face with warm water, and perform in shaving soap with the brush.
Strop razor

Notes: Water mustn’t be as well very hot, as this will dry out the shaving product on your own experience to promptly. Should the product on you experience starts off to dry out (the final little bit you shave might do) re-apply together with the brush.